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National Junior Honor Society
Strong Foundations Charter School

Lucas Cram (left) and Ms. Peters at the Officer Inductee Ceremony.
Lucas Cram at Officer Inductee Ceremony
Julianna Hoar (left) is being inducted as the Vice President by former Vice, SarahMay Schultz
Avery Gamache (left) and Isabella Zayas at the Officer Inductee Ceremony. Isabella is being inducted as Secratary of NJHS.
Lindsey Bouffard at an officer meeting.
Clara Cooper at schoolyard clean-up 2014
Connor McBrien, pushing a wheelbarrow full of leaves for the 2014 playground clean-up
2014 playground clean-up. From left to right: Oscar Gamache, Hunter Pedro, Caitlynn McBrien, Conner McBrien, SarahMay Schultz, Avery Gamache, Nicholas DiOrio, Clara Cooper, Lindsey Bouffard, Lauren Bouffard, Kathryn McClure
Lauren Bouffard (right) and Hannah Davis lowering the flag, a common thing for NJHS to do, even during the winter!
The American flag folded into a trinagle
2015 NJHS Members at Induction Ceremony Night
Clara Cooper with a rake at hand for the 2014 playground clean-up
Funny face picture! 2015 NJHS Inductee night

Clara Cooper (left) and Kaleigh Nelson carrying clothes from the Coat Drive

Isabella Zayas (left), Ila Bartenstein, and Clara Cooper organizing clothing for the Coat Drive

Isabella Zayas, Ila Bartenstein, and Clara Cooper spreading awarness for the Coat Drive by doing a skit during lunch

Clara Cooper Carrying a bag full of clothes to donate to the Coat Drive

Mathieu Champange (left) and Ila Bartenstein (right) holding the two raffle baskets for the Valentine's basket raffle.

The two prize baskets are ready to be won!